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What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep roof fertilization or deep root feeding is a specialized form of fertilizer application technique used to help restore trees that are struggling or showing signs of decline. 

Deep root fertilization treatment uses high pressure professional tools to inject a mix of nutrients and organic matter into the soil around the tree’s roots.

The Importance of Deep Root Tree Fertilization Treatment

Tree roots need healthy soil, the right balance of essential nutrients, and oxygen to keep trees healthy. Our deep root fertilization is a process where a superior, custom blends deep root fertilizer is injected into the root zone of trees. Fertilizing trees encourages microbial activity to enrich the soil and boost the nutrient level, offering a healthier and longer-lived tree.  

The deep root system process starts just below the surface and goes to a 12 to 14 inches depth where most tree feeder roots are usually found. Soil injection places are put 2 to 3 feet apart in a grid pattern under the canopy and beyond. We use specialized deep root feeding equipment.

When Are Deep Root Fertilization Needed for Trees?

There are specific signs that show that your trees are in need of deep-root fertilization. If you wait longer, your trees could be malnourished or die without supplemental nutrition due to poor soil structure.

Here are the signs trees need fertilization:

  • Reduced foliage and floral output
  • Light green or yellowing leaves
  • Leaves that are smaller than usual
  • Thinning or dying tips or branches
  • Dead spots on leaves

If you see that the trees in your backyard show these signs, then starting a free fertilization schedule is vital. Feeding essential nutrients directly to the root systems will assist in restoring the trees and keep them healthy for many years. 

Deep Root Fertilization Benefits

This treatment is a superb way of keeping trees healthy and vibrant outside their natural habitat. This is because it assists in recreating the natural cycles of nutrients the tree would usually have in nature. 

The deep root fertilization process is delivered right to the root for an immediate boost. In due course, the nutrients are delivered to the rest of the tree leading to healthy, green trees. As a side note, lawn care company Greenwood, IN is here to help you too!

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Deep Root Fertilization

Here are some key benefits of deep root fertilization using liquid fertilizer:

  • Promotes healthy, vibrant, and thick foliage 
  • Optimizes the condition of the root including the nutrient content
  • Stimulates tree growth of canopy and flowers 
  • It helps avoid weather damage from sun and frost 
  • Make the most of the resistance to pests and disease
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Aerates the soil for optimal growth
  • Trees look healthy, boosting home value
  • Aids in the development of new plant shoots

Deep root fertilization must be a vital part of your tree maintenance routine to give superb landscaping conditions for the trees and shrubs. This will help ensure that your trees have the best soil conditions to grow thick and healthy. 

When Should Deep Root Fertilization Be Done?

Early fall is the perfect time for deep root fertilization in Lubbock, Texas. To get the best results, you must schedule a deep root fertilization service twice yearly. 

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