Tree Removal Lubbock, TX

Are you searching for reliable, trusted tree services Lubbock, TX? At Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock, our professional team can safely and effectively remove small or huge locust tree which has become unsightly, dangerous, or obtrusive.

We cater to residential and commercial clients, real estate, corporate body agencies, homeowners, developers, builders, and more. Rest assured that the job will be done by a highly trained and fully armed professional.

Why Get a Tree Removed?

Removing a tree is often a last resort when more than tree pruning and other choices is required. There are many reasons why you need to remove trees, such as:

  • Outgrowing its location
  • Putting pressure on surrounding utilities and nearby buildings
  • Creating space for planned land developments and property restorations
  • Clearing space in the back or front yards for landscaping
  • Getting rid of threats posed by damaged or dead branches caused by bad weather
  • Killing underlying root systems that affect water pipes and foundations
  • Eliminating invasive species

We Can Handle All Your Tree Services Needs

As one of the trusted tree services in Lubbock, TX provider, our professional and courteous crew will carefully eliminate the tree and tree stump, leaving your space ready for whatever you have planned. We will completely remove even the biggest, most challenging tree without disrupting your home.

Our qualified tree climbers can access even the most complex areas. We use only the newest techniques and equipment, and our focus on safety is second to none. We will clear up any debris left behind at no additional expense.

If you are still determining whether the tree can be saved with expert tree shunning or shrub pruning, our skilled staff can give you advice.

Small or Big Tress No Problem

Our tree experts can handle anything from the smallest trees to the biggest ones, and we also provide tree stump removal in West Texas. We are a member of a Tree Care Industry Association. Our professionals will assess the tree, determine the best course of action and use the best tools to avoid damage and obtain the best possible results. Each time you need tree removal in Lubbock. TX, we can offer the reliable service you need to eliminate your tree.

Our Tree Removal Process

Trees come in all sizes and sorts, locations and shapes. As such, our tree removal process should be adaptable no matter what conditions might come our way. From climbing trees and dismembering them to using a crane to extract them from complex locations, we have the experience and tools to deal with any challenge.

For a job dealing with large mature trees, generally, we use a team of four tree removalists consisting of a climber, backup climbers, and ground crew. Typically, our team can take these trees apart and eliminate them within one to two hours.

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  • We will perform an onsite safety check to determine and plan for any hazards or obstacles.
  • Our climber will scale the tree and then set up his lines
  • Our expert will use a chainsaw to gradually dismantle the tree, piece by piece, lowering the segments down to the ground crew.
  • The ground crew will eliminate the green waste from the site
  • If all branches and canopy have been eliminated, our climber will dismantle the trunk from the top down
  • The remaining green waste is broken down by the wood chipper and eliminated from the property.
  • We will perform a final sweep of the property to ensure it is left in as good when we begin the job.

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Aside from tree removal, we also offer root crown excavation, stump grinding, deep root feeding, lawn services, plant health care, and other future tree work. Our lawn maintenance service will keep your trees healthy.

Make Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock your first option next time you need professional tree removal services Lubbock, TX. We are located at 4407 31st St, Apt. B, Suite #3A, Lubbock, TX 79410. Call us at (806) 203-6951 to learn more, request, or book our tree service.

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We are passionate about trees. With proper tree care, your trees can live a long life, giving shade on soaring sunny days, homes for animals, as well as beauty to your home. We believe each yard could gain from trees, and every tree can gain from the tree care service we offer. 

Call Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock today if you need professional and reliable tree care services in Lubbock and the nearby areas. We are always ready to help handle all your tree needs.