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We are your certified and insured arborists serving Lubbock and beyond! Call us if you need tree care services!

ISA Certified Arborist Credential

Are you looking to plant a new tree? Our ISA certified arborists with vast knowledge of the arborist international society will assist you in picking what tree to plant and where to plant it based on different factors.  

Our work is supported by arduous training and certification, further solidifying that the safety of our clients and our team is our main priority. We aim to complete each tree care project securely, effectively, and efficiently. 

Our friendly and qualified team of certified arborists has years of combined tree-care experience. All our arborists cherish and abide by our company values. Lawn maintenance is a specialty of our arborists.

Your Local Arborists for All Tree Services Needs

Summer and spring can be extremely risky, with issues with large trees and poor weather conditions. When properly maintained, trees are an asset to your home and increase property value.

Paying attention to an ISA certified arborist education and credential, you can ensure that your trees are in the best condition.

When tree removal, stump removal, pruning, planting, etc., are done safely, you are making the most of your property’s value and curb appeal.

Serving Lubbock and the Nearby Areas

Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock is your reliable and most dependable company that employs professionally isa certified arborists, providing expert solutions for your tree care needs.

Having ISA arborist certification, you can trust that our job will always meet or exceed industry and tree care world standards.

Our purpose is to give you the knowledge and tools to maintain healthy and gorgeous trees on your residential and commercial property.

We specialize in tree removal services, maintenance, and care consulting.

We have an exceptional team of arborists that holds ISA certification. We are also pleased to provide services fully secured by comprehensive liability insurance.

Services Area We Cover

Our services area covers Lubbock and the nearby locations. As longstanding members of the community with isa certified arborist teams, we are committed to offering the highest quality tree care paired with superb customer service. 

We only use the best and high quality tools and equipment to get the task done securely and effectively, keeping tree owners and their property safe against damage.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is our main concern. 

We Offer Emergency Tree Care

Storm and wind damage are one cause of tree problems. Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock can carry out tree cabling, pruning, and other services to reduce the issue.

But, if an emergency does happen, our professionally trained and isa certified arborist will be onsite as soon as possible to make sure that you and your loved ones are out of harm’s way and your property is safe and sound. 

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Certified Arborist

We don’t just offer accurate and reliable estimates for tree services; we conduct them free of charge.

Our process is made to educate our clients and perform estimates that meet and exceed what is needed regarding permits and legal standards.

Our approach to work and ensure safety makes sure we complete the task on schedule and that your home is safe.

Why Choose Our ISA Certified Arborists?

We allow our work to speak for themselves, with valuable recommendations and feedback from our clients and a focus on learning and benefits on both sides.

We encourage our clients’ input, which consistently assists us in improving our service and approach.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients for their continued support and confidence in our service. 

Our ISA certified arborist professionals are highly trained tree experts. Only after continuing education and passing demanding certification tests that assess your comprehension of every aspect of the arboriculture industry can you call yourself a certified arborist.

Call us at (806) 203-6951 for your future professional practice of tree work needs. You can find us at 4407 31st St, Apt. B, Suite #3A, Lubbock, TX 79410. Or visit Tree Service Charlotte, NC or Columbia Tree Service for arborist services if you’re from that part of the country.

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We are passionate about trees. With proper tree care, your trees can live a long life, giving shade on soaring sunny days, homes for animals, as well as beauty to your home. We believe each yard could gain from trees, and every tree can gain from the tree care service we offer. 

Call Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock today if you need professional and reliable tree care services in Lubbock and the nearby areas. We are always ready to help handle all your tree needs.