Tree Planting Lubbock, TX

When it comes to tree planting services in Lubbock, Texas, an arborist with many years of experience in local tree species is the ideal place to begin. At Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock, we always suggest to our customers that adequately planting a tree is vital to its safe, healthy growth. Our arborists will buy trees from nurseries to ensure they have been exposed to the climate before planting. We take pride in serving the tree-planting needs of commercial and residential community clients.

Suppose you need clarification on what and where to plant a tree, consult us by calling (806) 203-6951. Our arborists will work closely with you to discuss your needs and give you dependable solutions. We have the expertise to plant trees at the right time and place based on your location. We will always consider the local soil, climate and landscape, and other conditions that can affect the trees’ successful growth.

Our Process of Planting Trees

Planting trees begin with picking the correct location. You need to consider the reach of the root system, the land slope, and how much shade and water each species needs. When planting a tree, you must also consider how big it will grow. In general, the bigger the crown, the wider the root system. A species with big and aggressive roots, like oak, can make sidewalks uneven, disrupt the foundation, or even crack the underground pipes.

Our arborist at Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock will assist you in planting the right tree with care and foresight. Our tree services will pick the best location, dig the hole, position the sapling as well as support it with stakes when needed. Once the tree is established, our tree services will help keep it stunning and healthy. We can perform tree trimming to assist the strongest limbs in thriving while eliminating weaker ones. And don’t forget about regular tree fertilization. It keeps the right balance of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus nutrient at each stage of life.

As your tree matures, tree preservation is a worthwhile investment. This takes into account tree trimming, pest management, and soil monitoring.

Benefits of Tree Planting

We plant trees in our backyard for different reasons, such as:

  • To lessen the heat in urban places
  • To facilitate the carbon footprint
  • in order to mitigate the consequences of erosion and flooding
  • To make your house more valuable
  • When placed correctly, this can help shade areas of the home that receive direct sunlight in the summer.

Call Only the Expert in Tree Planting Service

If you are thinking of planting trees but need to become more familiar with the basics, you may end up hurting yourself or harming your home. For instance, you may plant the seeds too deep without good drainage in place. Waterlogged trees will suffocate and die—another issue is when tree planting blocks sunlight from reaching the rest of the backyard. You may choose the ideal species but end up with a pest issue or uncontrolled fungi growth in your yard if you plant trees in an unwanted place.

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Our experts know how to offset these problems, allowing other plants to thrive and get the essential nutrients they want. You can rely on our Lubbock tree planting team to take the best care when planting. We also provide an array of other tree services to ensure each garden species grows big and strong.

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We are passionate about trees. With proper tree care, your trees can live a long life, giving shade on soaring sunny days, homes for animals, as well as beauty to your home. We believe each yard could gain from trees, and every tree can gain from the tree care service we offer. 

Call Westbrook Tree Trimming Lubbock today if you need professional and reliable tree care services in Lubbock and the nearby areas. We are always ready to help handle all your tree needs.